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Bone Grafting

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Bone Grafting

Many dental procedures, especially those connected to dental implants or full oral rehabilitation procedures; require that the jaw bone be strong and healthy to support the implant or other prosthetic device. Unfortunately teeth are lost through gum disease, dental caries (cavities) and infection, injury or trauma, or inborn developmental defects all of which have a negative effect on the jaw bone. If the bone isn’t tall enough, wide enough or both, you will either have to “make do” with regular dentures or consider a bone building procedure that adds bone to your jaw before having the implants.

The bone augmentatio procedure

Also known as bone augmentation, bone building is a term that encompasses a variety of procedures that graft or add bone or bone-like tissue to existing bone tissue. The source of the material to be grafted can come from your own body or from a number of other sources including bovines.

There also exist a number of artificial substances that can also be used. Dr. Preiss will advise you of all the possibilities and what is preferable for you.

For a single tooth bone transplant, the grafting procedure is usually performed under a local anaesthetic. If the final procedure involves a number of implants, so the surgical procedure needed to harvest and graft the bone will most probably be done under a general anaesthetic and require a day or two of hospitalization.

Once completed, it can take anywhere from four to nine months before Dr. Preiss can perform the actual implant procedure.

bone grafting procedure Success rates

Bone building procedures have an exceptionally high success rate as the bone is not rejected by the body. However, there are instances where a bone graft has failed. Studies indicate that smokers and other population segments face a greater chance of failure – Dr. Preiss will provide you with all the information you need.

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