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Dental care for pregnant women

ניווט מהיר בעמוד:

Dental care for pregnant women

It is important to know that during pregnancy it is advised to perform as little invasive dental treatments as possible.

Regular dentist visits

Due to the hormonal changes, the mouth and the gums are much more exposed, so that inflammations, diseases and gums infection are likely to happen more during pregnancy. In order to avoid these problems, it is extremely important that during pregnancy the mother will visit her dentist regularly in order to maintain oral hygiene, remove the calculus that accumulates and have the teeth and gums checked.
Maintaining your oral hygiene at home is important as well, which means it is important to brush your teeth right, use mouthwash and floss.

Dental x-rays

Evan though the risk in dental x-rays during pregnancy is close to zero, most dentists avoid performing dental x-rays during that time, unless it is a real emergency.


Especially in the first few months of their pregnancy, many women suffer from nausea and vomiting. Despite the immediate inclination, it is important not to brush your teeth immediately after vomiting, since the acid that remains in your mouth may damage the tooth enamel in the brushing process.
After vomiting it is best to drink a glass of water or chew a sugar-free gum. Approximately half an hour later will be safe to brush your teeth.


Pregnancy changes the nutrition of many women. It is important to minimize sugar consumption as much as possible during that time.

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