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Dental Rehabilitation

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Dental Rehabilitation

A full-mouth reconstruction is a challenging treatment modality. The entire mouth is rehabilitated during a full-mouth reconstruction. The dentist needs to thoroughly understand every aspect of the dentition, its relationship to the bone and joints, and the functional interactions of the chewing muscles. A full-mouth reconstruction approaches the oral cavity truly from a general approach.

It leads to a complete rehabilitation of the mouth. Factors such as “speech” muscle activity” ” biting forces” and many other aspects are essential elements of a full-mouth reconstruction.

Here at the clinic the dentists are trained and experienced in providing this care with the least amount of fuss and best possible aesthetic and functional results..

What are the most common reasons for a full-mouth reconstruction?

bigstock-Woman-brushing-teeth-holding-t-49152797Patients requiring extensive dental care frequently exhibit significant loss of tooth structure. Specific clinical findings in an extremely worn dentition may vary widely and are often confusing. Severe wear can result from a mechanical cause, a chemical cause, or a combination of causes.

The location of the wear, the accompanying symptoms and signs, and information gained from the patient interview are essential components in determining the cause.


Dr’ Preiss have carried out many cases of this kind and have great skill in this type of work.

Severe wear

Excessive wear is often caused by hyperactive chewing muscles and results in unacceptable damage of the biting surfaces of the teeth.

This in turn may cause a breakdown of structure of the front teeth, which are necessary for specific protective guidance functions, speech, and aesthetics.

Anorexia and Bulimia

Intrinsic and extrinsic acids are the main etiologic reason for dental erosion. In combination of mechanical abrasion and tooth wear, the processes of erosion lead to substantial loss of tooth structure.

In cases of severe eating disorders, like anorexia and bulimia, the whole tooth structure above the gum may be worn off over the years. These patients will need extensive reconstructive dental therapy to regain function and esthetics of their dentition. It leads to a complete rehabilitation of the mouth. Factors such as “speech” muscle activity” “biting forces” and many other aspects are essential elements of a full-mouth reconstruction.

Fixed/Mobile Oral Rehabilitation

Losing a tooth is, by all accounts, a traumatic experience. However, in many cases the trauma is made greater due to loss of part of the jaw bone. This presents the patient and the dentist with a problem when considering tooth implants as the implant must be placed in healthy bone tissue usually taken from another part of the patient’s body.

The entire process, from start to finish can take up to 12 months to complete – and not everybody is a candidate for this procedure. Studies suggest that as many as 20% of patients are unsuitable for the bone transplant procedure (diabetes and other health problems).

Cutting edge solutions

There are, however, a range of solutions available for patients who want dental implants but cannot go the usual route. One such solution allows for the construction of a fully customized denture that sits on just four titanium implants. This innovative solution, known as ALL ON 4 implants can be applied even when jaw bone tissue is scarce and a bone implant isn’t possible.

The Oral Rehabilitation process

Like any dental procedure, Fixed/Mobile Oral Rehabilitation requires that the procedure be performed only after careful planning and preparation by Dr. Preiss – and in close collaboration and consultation with you!

Generally speaking, the process (following initial consultation and decisions) involves a number of stages including the fabrication of what is known as a “provisional denture” – a mock-up of the final result that enables Dr. Preiss and patient to evaluate issues such as esthetics, function, comfort, and stability and alter the final denture as required and before its fabrication in a dental laboratory.

Oral Rehabilitation – time well spent!

Oral rehabilitation procedures can take a few visits to the dental clinic. They aren’t a “one off” procedure. But the end result is well worth the time spent!

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