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Internal brackets

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Internal brackets

Straightening with internal brackets (invisible internal brace)
In the past, the teeth straightening process was cumbersome and included metallic braces, rubbers and a non-aesthetic appearance.
Over recent years, revolutionary techniques have developed that enable straightening teeth aesthetically using advanced technological and medical and even invisible solutions.
Currently, the teeth straightening method without braces is preferred by many patients of all ages, who want a solution to medical problems in the oral cavity, while attaining a perfect smile.

The Incognito Method

A unique innovative method developed over recent years.

This method enables personal and precise adaptation to each patient. A dental pattern scan is sent to the company’s laboratory pursuant to his or the dental condition and after computerized processing, the brackets and wires are adapted to the patient and the required treatment.

The brackets are adhered to the internal surface of the teeth, which is performed in the orthodontic clinic by using the personal wires.

This method enables maximum precision and shortening the dental straightening duration as well as eliminating disturbing adverse effects, while achieving ideal oral hygiene.


The Lingual Appliances Method

This method is performed by adhering internal brackets on the posterior side of the teeth, which makes this method invisible from the outside.

The brackets exert controlled pressure and enable straightening and organizing the teeth gradually.

Research has shown that this method has especially good results.

However, this method necessitates precision and especially high proficiency as well as relatively expensive laboratory training and instrumentation.


The Aerodentis Method

The most innovative and advanced teeth straightening method without a brace in the world.

This method, the first of its kind in tooth straightening, enables attaining perfect results via household use of a number of hours at night with the plate and a computerized control, when, during the rest of the day there is absolutely no need for using the device on the teeth.

In contrast to the other teeth straightening methods, the pressure exerted on the teeth in this method is not permanent but dynamic and is changed by the computerized control, which creates controlled pulses that move and arrange the teeth pursuant to a predetermined program.

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