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Teeth whitening

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Teeth whitening

Discolored teeth stand out like a sore thumb, Even regular brushing does not always help.
But your orthodontist can use modern technology and materials to make a teeth whitening kit that is perfectly matched to your teeth.

How does it work?

First be aware that, if you have crowns, veneers or fillings, especially at the front of your teeth, this type of tooth whitening procedure might not be suitable for you.

  1. 1Stage one: your dentist makes an accurate mold of your teeth.
  2. 2Stage two: the mold is used to make a reversed, plastic impression of your teeth.
  3. 3Stage three: The mold is filled with a special whiting gel (your dentist will show you how) and fits perfectly over your teeth. The kit can be used up to twice a day (one hour each time) in the comfort of your home.

Home teeth whitening treatment

Well, as with any cosmetic treatment – there are no hard and fast rules.
The effects will vary from one person to the next and depends on a number of variables, including how much time and effort you’re prepared to invest in the process. 

We suggest asking for a free consultation to determine the optimum time you need for the maximum effect.

Are there side effects and will it hurt?

Again, no hard and fast rule – some people will experience no side effects at all others may feel a slight discomfort or increased sensitivity when beginning a treatment program. 

For most people, it’s a bit like the pain you can get when eating something very cold.

So we advise avoiding very hot or very cold food and drink for the first two days of treatment.
After then, your teeth should be acclimatized and you should feel no more pain.

What do we use in our home tooth whitening kits?

We use the ZOOM Power Whitening system which is a market leader in the United States.
To date, over 4,000,000 people around the world have used this system which has proven to be safe and reliable. 

That’s why we recommend this for you because the health, the look and the safety of your teeth are paramount.

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