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About us

We offer cosmetic, implant, general and preventive dentistry as well as invisble braces …Invisalign in Israel.

Dr’ Preiss are highly experienced in tooth whitening in israel and abroad (Zoom Advanced Power) as well as laminates/veneers for patients of all ages having placed thousands of veneers and aesthetic crowns. dental have changed many smiles and given back confidence to many people helping them smile again in the most pain free way.

Dr Preiss is the ONLY dentist in Israel licensed to place DURATHIN veneers, these are the thinnest type of veneers/laminates. This veneer allows you to not have your tooth drilled and still have a natural white smile. It is revolutionary technology only used by  our professionals.


The team are highly experienced in all fields of dentistry including crowns, veneers, implants and gum therapy. The team have received training from the best dentists around the globe and Dr Ilan Preiss is the only dentist in israel to be a member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentists and historical member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry AACD. Both organisations specialise in providing their members with the very best in dental cosmetic training.

Our goals are simple – to provide you with a healthy, confident smile and a unique dental experience with a gentle touch.

We are passionate about creating your perfect smile, and our highly experienced team are here to help. Call or email us and take your first step to a beautiful smile
Highest quality dentistry with 5 STAR service, and no compromises.

Come and experience the difference.

10 reasons to choose the clinic

  1. Internationally Renowned Reputation, having treated patients from around the world. Dr Preiss have treated clients from around the world , and Dr Preiss works in a clinic in the centre of London England as well as in Israel. Patients come for dentistry from Tel Aviv, Herzliya Pituach and Raanana as well as the central region of Israel due to the close and convenient position of the clinic in Herzliya Pituach.
  2. Highest Level of Quality Care. No Compromise. The dentists at clinic have trained with the best in the world in the fields of Implants, Veneers/laminates, Whitening and general dentistry. We  have placed thousands of veneers and crowns as well as thousands of whitening cases. Your mouth is in highly experienced hands, and the technology used is the latest in the dental field, with proven research for its success.
  3. Latest Technology At the clinic. We are at the cutting edge in technology which allows us to provide our patients with the best care available, including digital xrays and DVD glasses to watch movies as the dentist treats your teeth.
  4. Leading Clinicians & Experts all Under One Roof. Dr Ilan Preiss has lectured internationally on various cosmetic and aesthetic dental subjects including England, Austria , Dubai, Scotland and Israel. In addition Dr Preiss is on the editorial board of the Aesthetic Dentistry Publication as well as having published many papers on the field of aesthetic dentistry and digital cutting edge technology. Dr Jacoboson has lectured on the field of endodontics and has practiced aesthetic and preventative dentistry in South Africa, England and Israel.
  5. Leading Dental Implant & Smile Makeover Clinic. A world class reputation at placing implants and redesigning smiles to improve patients smiles and lives, by using any combination of implants, veneers/laminates and crowns as well as invisible braces.
  6. Personalised Smiles. Designed with NEW Natural-look Veneers (DURATHIN)that are designed to match your face and skin colour. This results in a perfect match and teeth that not only look beautiful but are natural and only you know that any work has been carried out. The best part is that these teeth have very little adjustments to get the best possible result.
  7. Latest Techniques… here at the clinic we employ the most modern dental systems including, cutting edge Zoom Advanced Power Whitening, No Drilling Durathin Veneers and Invisble braces to straighten teeth.
  8. We have successfully transformed the Lives of 1000’s of Patients. Please visit the testimonial page and portfolio page to see the results and hear how the clinic have changed patients lives.
  9. Full mouth assesment. We work hand in hand with specialists in the field of Implant surgeryand orthodontics where needed to provide you with the very best care.
  10. 0% Finance Options if needed. Price should never be a barrier to getting the best for your health and beauty, we are happy to discuss payment plans and find an affordable treatment to match your needs.

Dr Preiss is only certified dentists in Israel for American DURATHIN PORCELAIN VENEERS

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