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Dr Ilan Preiss performed a cosmetic miracle. After our teenage son's front tooth was knocked out, Dr Preiss was able to restore the tooth back together, and hide the join. You would never know the tooth had been broken. He was efficient, flexible, and professional. I have no reservrations in recommending Dr Preiss to family and friends.

Rachel Yona

Extremely gifted and truly patient. Dr. Preiss has a brilliant eye for the art of esthetics and is thoroughly committed to delivering the highest professional care. Dr. Preiss is a true artist, and is brilliant at his craft. It was extremely impressive seeing the process of how Dr. Preiss takes hundreds of factors into consideration to create the best result, so that the entire look of the entire face and smile look right. He is thoroughly calm and confident allowing for a very comfortable experience. I found Dr. Preiss to be extremely patient - always giving his complete attention to my case and to all my questions and concerns allowing me to really feel comfortable and trust that I was in the right hands. I couldn't recommend Dr. Preiss more highly for anyone looking for an extremely gifted and truly patient doctor. Thank you Dr. Preiss for your commitment, patience, professionalism and artistic gift.


I am pleased with the outcome"
"Dr Ilan and his assistant are excellent! They always make sure that you're doing well while they work on your teeth. Another bonus, I did not even feel a thing during the procedure! His level of professionalism is excellent. I am pleased with the outcome and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a quality dentist.
Amazing service and a great atmosphere (facing the beach!), very friendly staff, definitely a great experience!"

Treatment Received: Dentist Consultation

Total Amount Paid: ₪2,000

April Grace M Algrably

I came to the clinic after malpractice of another dentist. Dr. Preiss made me feel immediately better. I know today that if you want to keep your smile healthy you better go to the best and I do feel that Dr. Preiss is one of them. thankyou!

Johanna P

My son was totally distressed this afternoon - his tooth was coming out and the blood would not stop , he would not let me get near him . Dr Preiss calmed my son down in minutes and sorted the issue without fuss . He was so so calming and professional . Thank you Dr Preiss .


I had my teeth checked regularly in London and now follow my dentist to Israel. Well worth it, as he does a beautiful job. We combine our dental visits with holidays; last year we spent a weekend in Istanbul before heading to Israel. This year we plan to fly on to Kenia for a photo safari. Dr.Preiss is a wonderful fellow who has our fullest trust.


After having been treated at Maccabi for the same issues over and over again, I went to see Ilan (and Vika) and was stunned by their professionalism, kindness, and attention to detail.
In addition - unlike other dentist, there was almost no waiting time, ever!

They returned the smile to my face and I can definitely recommend them.

kenyy sandorffy

My Composite Veneers and Teeth Whitening have made me feel and look much better"
"I had teeth whitening and composite veneers
And I am shocked by the result I feel and look much better thank you DR Preiss
Dr Preiss is fantastic and professional and very concerned and won't let you leave till your happy
I would recommend to everybody I know


We took our two young daughters for multiple checkups with Dr. Preiss. The experience was great. Professional, relaxed and thurough. The staff and Dr. Preiss were great with the kids. They made them feel comfortable and the kids agreed to be checked with very little issue. By the second checkup they were already looking forward to it. It was a calming experience for the kids and they're nervous parents ;) he left us with great tips for how to keep up dental hygiene and home and the kids are into. It, because of his approach. The kids even remind us regularly that Dr. ILAN said always to brush before going to bed. For anyone, especially with kids who's concerned about the trauma of "taking the kids to the dentist" I highly recommend UDental and Dr. Preiss Thanks again Dr. Preiss and the UDental. COYS

Box Worth

Amazing patience and care was taken with my son who had 5 teeth removed. Even my son said he has never experienced such a kind hearted dentist.


Great experience! The treatment was both very friendly and caring and both extremely professional. The difference is in the small thing, from taking care that you are as comfortable as can be to making sure that you get the best job possible. Truly the best!


I want to thank you SO much for giving me such a beautiful smile! My family thinks it's fantastic and I can't stop smiling and looking at myself in the mirror in disbelief! THANK YOU! :)
Have a lovely day,



"I got composite veneers, 2 cleanings, and had several cavities filled
Dr. Preiss has a warm demeanor and is so nice that he makes you feel completely comfortable and at ease, which can be a challenge for many of us when we have dental work! I was amazed that I barely felt any pain while he was filling my cavities. He is also extremely thorough- hands down the most thorough dentist I have ever been to. His cleanings are intensive. He takes pictures in addition to Xrays. He also spends a lot of time explaining in detail if you have any issues. I got composite veneers recently and I am absolutely thrilled with them!! I had bonding previously, and this looks infinitely better!! I feel like I have a whole new smile! From his friendliness to his aesthetic to the time & care he provides, I couldn't recommend Dr. Preiss more highly!!"

Treatment Received: Composite Veneers, Teeth Cleaning, Fillings


This review has been a been a long time coming. It is safe to say there are several times a week I am eternity grateful for Dr. Ilan Preiss' work.
I mean, this guy just works miracles. I truly never knew what it meant to have a great experience with a dentist until I met Dr. Preiss. I was in Israel and needed some dental work done on a chipped tooth that was only getting worse, and I just happened to run across this wonderful Dr. I was last minute, had no x-rays, and was pressed for time.
I knew that when i came back to the U.S. i would start my 2nd year of law school and i would have absolutely zero time to sit at dentist office (let alone write a review about his amazing work when i got back a month ago!) All-in-all, if you have any chance AT ALL do not hesitate to call or E-mail Dr. Preiss.
I am more than certain you will leave satisfied, a smile on your face, AND your wallet still in tact! Amazing work, Amazing prices. Awesome Guy - I would challenge you to find better, but that would be just a waste of your time!

erik khorovsky

Dr. Preiss is a true professional in his field, very organised, explains very clearly (in his beautiful British English accent), and will answer all your questions patiently until you fully understand. He's a perfectionist, and an artist when he's working on your teeth. He is also sincere and has a warm personality with a sense of humour that will make you feel relaxed. What I respect most about him is how he tries to search for the least invasive procedure to achieve the result. In cosmetic dentistry, one is always afraid that the suggested procedure may be unnecessary. I also didn’t feel pressured at all when deciding on my procedure. I went to the office only 3 times, and each time the result was beyond my expectation. I couldn’t wait to see how great the final result would be, which turned out to be true. Let me also add that it wasn’t painful. If you are skeptical or worried about improving your smile, please just come to consult with him. He really solved my problem for now, and if I will need any maintenance, I have all my confidence in Dr. Preiss to help me keep this beautiful smile.

Yuri Gidor

"Everything about my braces was explained during my consultation"
"Not started yet
I was interested in clear braces to fix my teeth and somehow through internet I reached UDENTAL. This was my first visit for a first opinion.
Dr. Ilan Preiss BCHD is extremely pleasant, polite and courteous. I was amazed at how nice and knowledgeable he is.
I was given all due explanations and all options together with approximate cost, which is more or less the same everywhere.
Just by looking at his smile, you know that he knows what he is talking about!
One more plus :
Whitening is cheaper than at some of the medical insurances in Israel...

Treatment Received: Dentist Consultation

Carmel Heuman

I had my teeth straightened at the U-Dental clinic. I am very happy with the final result. Dr. Ilan price is very professional and meticulous but also very funny and kind. He made the whole treatment feel easy and go by fast. The clinic feels very personal and and welcoming - every patient is important . They made sure I was happy and comfortable with everything. I highly recommend it .


I Never thought I'd say this As someone who always suffered from dentist phobia, but …. UDental is an exceptional clinic, Professional and reassuring attitude, Caring and considering treatment of Dr. Price . Treatment that I have postponed for years, was performed by Dr. Price , easily and in the most efficient way . I have no doubt that this is the right address for each person who needs dental care .‎


I want to thank you dr. Ilan Preiss for your professional and caring approach to me and the care of my smile. I must say I was skeptical before coming to get my teeth whitened as I have heard various horror stories about extra sensitivity and pain before and after the teeth whitening process. Although I am not very familiar with the advanced technologie you use I can say one thing, WOW, No pain whatsoever and a new white smile - I cannot be more pleased with the results. From start to finish dr. Ilan made me feel welcome and comfortable. I cannot think of a better place for quality and care... and I thank your kindness and professionalism. Since I got the treatment done one week ago I got countless positive feedback from my friend and pepole I met on how white my teeth are. I will recommend to all my friends, and their friends to consider a visit to dr. Ilan for the best in quality treatment and most incredible care. Many thanks for making me happy with my smile
Kindest of Regards,
Omer Rozen

Omer Rozen

There are not enough words to explain what a positive experience I had with Dr. Ilan Preiss. This was indeed the best dentist experience I have ever had. If going to the dentist is generally quite a traumatic experience, Dr. Preiss indeed gives a completely oposite experience. Not only did he project serenity and calmness through out the whole process, but he was extremely professional and gifted (perfectly evident in the end results). Since the first time I contacted him, he has always been 100% available, responsive, charismatic and extremely supportive. During the treatment he was very gentle and aware of my reactions, he indeed made sure I didn't feel any pain, and there was even a really nice atmosphere with nice music all throughout the procedure! I intend to do ALL mine and my family's dentist work from now on only with Dr. Preiss. After having done this treatment with him, I cannot imagine doing anything in my teeth with anyone but him. I cannot recommend him enough, and I have already started to do so with everyone I know.


!!!The best dental experience in my life!!!The kind, professional treatment that I received from Dr. Ilan Preiss made me feel great each time I visited his clinic. At my first appointment I requested a "Hollywood smile" and today I have itMy veneers are natural and beautiful If you want to see my pretty veneers I will be more than happy to schedule an appointment and show it to you

Patrycja Jerushalmy

Got in touch with Udental as we thought our son needed dental work. Met with Ilan and his partner. Delightful people. Very experienced and honest. They decided that my son does not require braces at the moment. Would not hesitate to recommend Udental.
I found the staff extremely helpful. The clinic was clean. The instruments were clean too and the air conditioning was wonderful! My entire experience at the clinic was second to none. Excellent. Full marks.

Extremely helpful

I was referred to UDental by my sister who had had dental work done by Dr.Ilan Preiss (with amazing results!). I've always been a bit anxious around dentists and hadn't had great experiences with dentists in Israel, but after hearing about my sister's experiences I decided to pay him a visit as well.
Through my visits in UDental, Dr.Preiss discovered quite a few problems (some very urgent) that had been completely overlooked by other dentists. I'm sure that if I hadn't been treated by him, I would be facing some very serious problems in the future. The clinic itself is very welcoming and professional, and the treatments by Dr.Preiss were completely painless and with amazing results. Highly recommended to everyone

Kelly de Groot

I had an emergency treatment because of the big cavity in my tooth. As I am afraid of tooth pain , I was very happy to have anaesthesiology which itself was not painful at all. Dr Preiss had also a good check of all my teeth and gave me his recommendations regarding the further treatment.
Dr Preiss was extremely helpful from the beginning of my request. He answered very quickly and right away I felt to be taken a very good care of. The visit and the treatment itself answered totally to my expectations. I am definitely coming back.


To whom it may concern,
My name is Michaela Marusak, I am a 53 year old woman who just recently had teeth that were weak and weary and in need of some attention. My teeth were so chipped and crooked that I was embarrassed to smile. I have traveled to amazing places in this world and would be asked to smile for the camera and notice that I would be giving the camera just a slight grin in fear of exposing my teeth. I wanted to change how I felt on the inside with what was happening on the outside.
I searched the internet for a dentist that had credentials I could feel confident about and found Dr. Preiss, with a photograph, small video and an explanation of his education and award winning practice I called the number to set up an appointment. Through the journey in the quest for a beautiful smile I put my complete trust in the hands of Dr. Preiss. After just a couple months and very little pain I have a set of teeth that I would love to flash to anyone. Dr. Preiss has changed my outside as well as my inside with his tender hands and charming bedside manner. I now have a beautiful smile.

Michaela Marusak

I want to thank you dr. Ilan Preiss for your professional and caring approach to me and the care of my smile.

I must say I was skeptical before coming to get my teeth whitened as I have heard various horror stories about extra sensitivity and pain before and after the teeth whitening process.

Although I am not very familiar with the advanced technology you use I can say one thing, WOW, No pain whatsoever and a new white smile - I cannot be more pleased with the results.

From start to finish dr. Ilan made me feel welcome and comfortable. I cannot think of a better place for quality and care... and I thank your kindness and professionalism. Since I got the treatment done one week ago I got countless positive feedback from my friend and people I met on how white my teeth are.

I will recommend to all my friends, and their friends to consider a visit to dr. Ilan for the best in quality treatment and most incredible care.

Many thanks for making me happy with my smile

Kindest of Regards,

Omer Rozen

Dear Ilan

Just a quick note to express my appreciation for the speed and professionalism with which you have both assessed by dental needs and linked them to recent headaches. The fitting of a tooth guard was done quickly, and has had pretty much immediate benefits. Everyone is a delight to deal with, and the service people receive at the practice should have shattered their image of dreading a visit to the dentist!


John McConnell

Dear Ilan,
A long overdue big thank you . I greatly appreciate that you always took the time to listen to my concerns and explain all the options. The result could not have been better. I am still amazed at my new smile.

Everybody in the Dental team has been fantastic, extremely professional and nice. A big thank you. I have already recommended you to all my friends.
Kind regards,



I want to say thank you for my great white smile.

You work very very well. I also enjoyed My time at your clinic. It was very pleasant especially while I can watch a show as my teeth are getting whitened. :)


Hi Ilan,

Just wanted to drop you a note to say a massive thank you. Not just because the tooth looks better than I ever imagined it would but because you and Hannah have been so nice and constantly reassuring through what I have found a bit of a traumatic experience! It still feels a little alien but I honestly cannot stop looking at my ‘new tooth’ in amazement AND my mum could not get over how ‘real’ it looks, she is a harsh critic so Richie the technician is definitely allowed to look a little smug.

Have a good holiday and once again Thank you.

Fiona Leon, Service Manager – COLT Professional Services

Hi Ilan,

I would like to thank you for making my new smile.

The whole reason for my initial visit was because for years I had not been confident with the appearance of my teeth, which would literally hold me back from smiling, and with the prospect of getting married enough was enough, there was no way I wasn’t going to look happy on my big day. Now thanks to you and your team, I have a smile to be proud of and some great pictures of me on my wedding day with a truly uninhibited smile!

The whole process was well explained right from my initial visit, and there wasn’t any point where I felt under pressure to have work done which I was not comfortable with. This has also now of course had a big impact on my day to day life, making me infinitely more confident when meeting new people whether it be at work or socially – its a great feeling to no long have anything to hide.

I would certainly have no problem recommending you to any of my friends or family.

Yours thankfully,


My dental experiences prior to visiting you varied from poor to ‘Do we really care!’ Feeling very unhappy I decided to search for a practice that could help me smile again. Being a nervous patient I was instantly put to ease by the reception team. From my first visit to my last, I was treated with respect and kindness by all.

Ilan Preiss is an excellent dentist who has a caring nature and pays meticulous attention to detail. Not only did Ilan give me back a smile he made me laugh too. I am so happy I found the practice I cannot praise everybody enough. Thank you for looking after me.

Linda Hall.

After years of refusing to smile in photographs you now can’t stop me – I’m always getting compliments on what a lovely smile I have.

The treatment and service I have received from Ilan Preiss and his team is no less than first class, from the initial consultation to the follow up appointments that I am still attending. A number of alternative dental plans were discussed and at no time was I pressured in to making any rash decisions, everything was clearly explained and at all times I was never made to feel that I had to go with the most expensive option. The whole team were fantastic and made me feel welcome and even done whatever they could to fit me in for exceptionally late appointments. Without a doubt I will always recommend Ilan.

Hi Ilan,

“through-out the whole experience at, I felt completely involved in the process, the decision making, timescales and costs. The staff were highly professional in carrying out all the procedures but extremely friendly and courteous when dealing with my concerns. The end result is absolutely fantastic and I really feel that I got exactly what I wanted.”

Chris Girvan

Ilan examined my teeth and I needed a fair amount of work including 6 inlays to replace badly leaking fillings, 2 teeth needed replacement root canals with new caps and a very good clean and whiten. This work took several visits over 3 months. Each visit was very pleasant – a friendly and helpful receptionist, organized all my appointments and made sure I was comfortable for the very short time I ever had to wait for my session. An excellent nurse who sorted everything out including what DVD I wanted to watch. The work was carried out with the minimum of discomfort (I fell asleep on more than one occasion – must be Ilan’s bedside manner!) and I am very happy with the final result. In fact the end result was commented on the doctor who carried out my annual medical who stated I had excellent teeth (shame about the rest of the report).

N. Stagg, Chief Executive

My experience has been first class. From contact with reception, the knowledge of my dentist (Ilan Preiss) and the support of his dental assistant right through to the hygienist I can honestly say it’s the best dental practice I’ve been too.

“Unlike my previous experience of other dentists, what Ilan did very well was to explain every step of my treatment while also allowing me time to ask questions and understand what was going on. I had quite a lot of work carried out but at no point was this painful or unpleasant – also, having a choice of film to watch during the more lengthy work really made an experience, I was quite honestly dreading, become a very normal and painless situation.

“I walked in with a minor query but as a result of finding the practice very professional and leading I ended up leaving with virtually a new mouth and I’m now very pleased with the outcome – and as I’m getting married shortly I Was also grateful Ilan carried out all the work in time for the big day. I will happily recommend Ilan and the team and to my friends and I’m delighted I’ve found a dentist and a practice that I will happily now visit on a regular basis.”

R. Wheat May 2011

Having struggled with an overwhelming fear of the dentist for quite a number of years, I knew I could not postpone undergoing dental treatment for much longer. I had to find the right dentist to help me through this and after reading a patient referral to Ilan at website for dental phobic patients, I decided to book an appointment to see him.

From the very first moment of contacting the clinic I felt reassured by the staff friendliness, efficiency and professional behavior. Instinctively I knew I had come to the right place in that they would look after me well and that I could trust them.

I have now finished my treatment. I feel particularly grateful to Ilan for helping me to get over my anxiety and long-standing apprehensions about dental treatment and for doing such a fantastic job. In brief, I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment in recommending Ilan and the Dental Center to my family and friends.


Hi Ilan,
Hope you’re well. It must be about 12 months since I finished my treatment and I’m pleased to report I haven’t had a single problem to date.

I’d like to thank you once again for your patience and hard work during my time in the chair. The end result looks as good today as it did 12 months ago and I still consider the time and money spent on my treatment one of the best investments I’ve ever made.
Looking forward to hearing from you,



3 months ago I researched and found Ilan Preiss, as the rather ugly looking veneers I had done over 10 years ago were in danger of falling off as I’d left them that long.

I’d waited so long as several bad experiences at the dentist had left me rather nervous about going back; indeed I was so nervous I almost requested sedation just to sit in the chair!

After my first consultation with Ilan , and my hygiene appointment all my fears about the dentist really had disappeared! I needed quite a lot of work done as my teeth and gums were in a bit of a state, but every visit was pain and stress free. The hygienist was fantastic and had my gums looking great really quickly and my treatments (all 6 hours worth) with Ilan were totally pain and stress free. The best part about having all the work done was being able to watch Will and Grace or Sex in the City on 3D glasses which really helped to pass the time!

I now have 6 lovely new veneers, healthy clean gums and a lovely smile for the first time in years. I can’t recommend Ilan enough and would definitely recommend him to anyone!



Thank you for the wonderful treatment I received from your office. My smile is brighter and my teeth are straight. The work turned out exactly as I hoped. I thank you again for that little boost of extra confidence. Now I get complaints of smiling too much!

Many thanks to your loving staff. And I’ll be sure to recommend you to all my friends and co-workers.



Dear Ilan,

As you know, it was with some apprehension that I approached the Dental Practice. I had a traumatic experience at an NHS dentist and had postponed essential work needed because of that.

I was pleased to find that I was able to have my whole “project” of dental work explained and detailed out for me. It was also good to have an idea of how much it would all cost. As it was, the final total was just within my budget, and I feel, that although it was expensive, for me it was worth it.

It has taken six months but it has all been completed. I was delighted that I could take things at my own pace and my horror of injections could be accommodated. Eventually even the root canal work wasn’t too bad. I even found your particular brand of humour very relaxing.

For me, it has been a real achievement to get it all completed, and I would have no fear about coming back to you.

Thank you


Helen Fernee
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