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this is the main reason most people straighten their teeth . It makes the teeth look better …. teeth that are in the correct position and don’t stick out look much more attractive and natural

This usually gives patients a confidence boost to have straight natural looking teeth

reduces the chance of gum disease

If teeth are crossed over and crowded it is hard to clean between the teeth and so can cause gum disease to collect In These areas

reduces the chance of tooth decay

When teeth are not straight the bacteria that cause tooth decay ( עששת) can build up between the teeth and as a result lead to a hole

These areas are much easier to control and keep clean once the teeth are better aligned

Improving the bite

once the teeth are in the correct position in the jaw then usually the bite and the way the teeth function is much better

The way the teeth are able to chew and spread the forces of chewing are also improved

So it can help greatly with jaw joint disorders

help with speech

In some cases there are large spaces between the teeth. During speaking saliva can flow out of these areas and speech can be effected by the way the air flows out during speaking

Closing these gaps would help greatly

Please contact Udental team for a complimentary tooth straightening consultation so we can discuss how we can improve your smile

September 26, 2017

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