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Visiting the American school in Even Yehuda

This summer Dr Preiss spent a few days visiting the American International school in Even Yehuda
He taught children from age 6-16 about a wide range of dental related topics

Important subjects were Covered like

What to do if a tooth gets knocked out or broken ?

How long and how often to brush teeth to prevent tooth decay

How much sugar in fruit versus fizzy drinks

Hidden sugars in food causing holes in your teeth like ketchup

What options are available for straightening the teeth ?

But Dr Preiss also covered some fun facts and subjects

He taught the kids how to take a dental impression model and made plaster models of their teeth like a dentist

We made the children feel comfortable about the dental environment and asked all the questions they wanted

We finally told them some fun dental facts  like The animal with the strongest bite is the Crocodile Which has a bite 45 times stronger than a humans

Finally each child received a sand timer
(pictured ) which was set for a time of two minutes
This makes sure that the teeth are brushed for the correct amount of time

The days were a great success and UDENTAL loved the chance to teach the young community how to take care of their teeth

July 19, 2018

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